The difference between interpretation and translation is that interpretation is oral and translation is always, somehow, in writing. Our interpreters are selected and allocated according to their profile, proficiency and experience.

  • conference interpreting

    Simultaneous interpretation in booths, mainly used for translating in real-time presentations in conferences.

  • consecutive

    Translation without equipment in which the interpreter and the speaker take turns to speak.

  • accompanying

    Interpreter accompanies individuals or delegations in Brazil or abroad; includes consecutive and whispering.

  • simultaneously with portable equipment

    Simultaneous interpretation with no booth, technician or receptionist; ideal for small interactive requests such as meetings.

  • simultaneous for market research

    Simultaneous interpretation for qualitative market research in groups, individual sessions and in home visits.

  • real-time captioning

    Ideal for shows and mega events. There is no audio available to the audience; the translation is projected as live captioning.